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Hot Spring Health Care
The only Himalayan Geo Thermal Hot Spring Resort

Sandhya Hot Spring Health Care, Tattapani, Next to Naldehra Golf Course, Shimla Hills Sunni, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171301

+91 98167-34003 
+91 98160-57111

Note: We don't accept bookings from OYO.

Situated in a coveted location in Tattapani, Hot Spring Health Care is a resort concept using Himalayan Geo Thermal Hot Spring Water, Ayurveda and Naturopathy located 49 kms from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Also, the Health Care is situated in the middle of the Himalayas, at the bottom of Sutlej Valley, on the bank of Sutlej Lake. The healthcare meticulously blends the merits of the highly mineral-rich hot spring water, the aesthetic appeal of Ayurvedic Treatments, Yoga and buzzes with iconic guests and sparkling stories. Our passion for excellence and honouring our guests made us explore places and weave together the best of all worlds, thus offering the most sought-after experiences. Inspired by the local culture, our eclectic, vibrant and energetic space offers the finest accommodation and attentive service. Charm, elegance and sophistication embody its culture which is enriched by a remarkable array of comprehensive facilities and contemporary amenities.

Our unbridled passion curated experiences and unparalleled expertise will ensure highest levels of satisfaction and will leave you feeling spoilt. Find your peace in a space that articulates nature and well being, and experience engaging stays and create memorable moments.

Seclude yourself in the lap of harmony and gracefulness, and feel at home in our exquisite rooms the moment you arrive. Engulf yourself in our mindful offerings that will serve as an outlet to help you recharge and leave you feeling like a million bucks. Stay at our exquisite Health Care near Shimla to experience an enigmatic and enchanting holiday amalgamated with Hot Springs, Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga.

Experience Tranquility at Hot Springs Health Care

Hot Spring Health CareShimla Pool
Hot Spring Health Care Ayurveda Treatments


We encourage you to rejuvenate, rebalance and recreate the synergy of mind, body and social positivity. We can help you calm the mind, focus on your key priorities and open your heart to new experiences. Everything we do here is rooted in creating a mindful experience for you - in your Hot Spring and Ayurveda experience, stay, food and other adventure and leisure activities.

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Hot Spring Health Care Pool Knippe Course
Hot spring Health Care Yoga Guests Shimla Tattapani


TATTAPANI is famous for his Natural Hot Sulphur Spring gushing out of the earth at the different temperature (from 47 degree to 69 degree).

Since the ancient time people know the miraculous/therapeutic property of this water and come from all over to take a dip into the Sulphur springs: this water naturally provides relief from joint pains, fatigue, stress and skin disease.

As per test reports hot spring water in Tattapani contains 37 precious minerals which has got therapeutic medicinal values.

Tattapani is an ideal place for enjoyment and relaxation.
It’s also a famous pilgrimage centre for Hindus; the devout consider the month of Magha (January-February) auspicious for a holy dip: it’s believed that by doing so, one can clean itself of one’s sins.

People gather in abundance every year specially on the auspicious days like Lohri (13 January), Shivratri (March), Baisakhi (April).

Hot Spring Health Care Location View Sutlej Lake


  • Tattapani is at the altitude of 650 m on the sea level.

  • The Summer (April/June) is warm and windy with temperature from 20 to 36 degree Celsius; cotton clothes are suggested.

  • The Winter (December/February) is not very cold, temperature from 6 to 25 degree Celsius; sweater is suggested.

  • The Rainy Season is in July and August.

  • All around the year there is a perfect temperature for the healing treatments!


Hot Spring Health Care Resort Best Shimla Himachal India

A mindful culture creates opportunities for everyone to discover their own personalized strategies for nurturing relationships, managing stress, optimizing work performance and reaching genuine happiness and fulfillment. It is a conscious and joyful way of living that leads to sustainable happiness.

Hot Spring Health Care Thermal Pool Shimla Tatapani

We hope to share and promote our philosophy of mindful living with a holistic approach to Mind, Body and Social well-being. We work with the mind to help you adopt a strong belief system and to practice mindfulness in all you do. A combination of our personalized nutritious food, creative approach to fitness and customized rejuvenation techniques will enable you to observe and appreciate your body more. It is widely held that investing in significant social interactions and developing relationships are imperative to live a meaningful life. We believe in creating a truly offline social network where you thrive, grow and evolve towards being the real you.


Hands Down this is the best Resort and Healthcare in India. The amazing hot water from the springs is extremely rejuvenating. The best part about this property is how well thought it is. Different pools for children and ladies. Acupressure walking area, Indian Organic restaurant and their world-class Ayurveda Treatments are parts of it. The rooms are as crisp as a 5 star hotel's room. Maybe better. Everyone needs to stay at this place.

-Rahul K

It was a Unique experience of taking bath in Hot water Spring. The place also offers Ayurvedic Spa. River rafting is another option and the Hotel Reception was able to provide us a package for the same

-Deepjyoti A

Best place to visit if you are looking for mind and soul rejuvenation, absolute serenity and peace . Excellent staff service and hospitality to win your hearts.. take a holy dip into natural spring water .. a must place to visit !!


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